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Certified by the German TBC - NEOPLAN Cityliner

Economical fuel consumption even with Euro 6

While the fuel consumption of MAN's Euro 6 city buses is on average three to five percent lower than that of their EEV counterparts, the Euro 6 versions of intercity buses and coaches from MAN and NEOPLAN also remain fuel-efficient By comparison with buses equipped with EEV engines, fuel savings of up to three percent were determined.

Just how miserly the MAN and NEOPLAN buses are was ascertained in a test of the NEOPLAN Cityliner Euro 6 version, certified by Germany's leading testing institute, the Technical Board of Control. A round course of 1,320 kilometres that can be seen as representative of a coach route was defined. Subsequent to evaluation of the data recorded during the trips, the NEOPLAN Cityliner was certified as exhibiting the extremely economical fuel consumption of around 19.8 litres per hundred kilometres - a value without parallel amongst its competitors. This means that the vehicle is not only extremely economical to operate but also extremely low in CO2 emissions. When fully utilized, the NEOPLAN Cityliner emits a mere eleven grams of CO2 per passenger-kilometre. This test run demonstrates impressively that compared with aeroplanes, trains and passenger cars, the bus is far and away the most environmentally friendly means of transport.