• Premium design

    Consistent lines

    The award winning NEOPLAN Sharp Cut Design can be seen in all angles of view and combines elegance with functionality in a unique way.

    The individual, clear styling gives character to the Jetliner and makes the vehicle an attractive attention getter.

  • Premium Design

    Stylish profile

    The slim sharp-cut headlights, the unmistakable front-end mask and deep-drawn windscreen sharpen its striking appearance.

    Viewed in profile, the classic visor dome graphic with the forward facing strut continues optically into the roof area.

    At the rear, the arrowed window, a chrome panel and the lights provide the unique NEOPLAN brand identity.

  • Premium Design

    Feel good with style

    The warm colours in the interior convey a feel-good atmosphere in which the transition from light to dark hues divides the different functional areas.

    High quality materials, premium surface finishes and first class workmanship characterise the exclusive style of the interior.

    • Headlights

      • Clear-cut design
      • Modelled in clear glass

    • Front end

      • Panorama window
      • Streamlined
      • Visor dome graphic

    • Side view

      • Forward-thrusting strut
      • Outward projecting fin in roof area
      • Both painted in vehicle colour

    • Window

      Black coloured roof roundings optically extend the windows upwards

    • Rear view

      • Arrowed window
      • Chromed panel
      • Lights design in NEOPLAN style

    • Front-end mask

      Chromed strip with NEOPLAN Logo

    Premium Design

    Award winning sharp cut design

    The dynamic appearance brings emotion into the rather down-to-earth segment of "double earners".

    The sharp cut design with its clear and consistent lines emphasise membership of the NEOPLAN family.

  • First class equipment

    Maximum variability

    Whether hard-wearing scheduled-service seats or coach seats with leather trimming:

    the Jetliner can be converted individually and exclusively to the operational use.

    Ultimate flexibility is what makes this premium bus the efficient double earner.

  • First class equipment

    On schedule with coach comfort

    The floor height of 1,070 millimetres lays the foundation for use as a combibus.

    It offers real coach comfort, a luggage compartment volume up to 8 m³ and at the same time an entry height ideal for a bus service.

  • First class equipment

    Maximum flexibility of use

    The transformation from a coach to a bus is only a matter of minutes for the Jetliner.

    The replaceable platform is removed with just a few hand turns.

    And four seats are then replaced by a standing platform with space for wheelchair users and prams. The luggage rack is removable to create the full standing height.

  • First class equipment

    Synthesis of design and function

    Regardless of whether in regular scheduled service or holiday travel: the fitter and more concentrated the driver, the safer the journey.

    This is why the multicolour cockpit has been designed to give optimum reachability to controls along with good recognition of anti-glare displays at all times.

  • Systematically safe

    In safe hands

    Passengers in the Jetliner enjoy the good feeling of being safely protected.

    Innovative safety and assistance systems are on board as standard to ensure ideal prevention of critical situations.

  • Systematically safe

    Innovations for relaxing

    The Electronic Braking System (EBS) with integrated ABS, ASR and brake assistant, Electronic Stability Program ESP, Maximum Speed Control MSC and Tyre Pressure Monitoring TPM support the driver and assist in prevention of accidents. The alertness assistant also helps to improve passenger safety by identifying when the driver's behaviour differs noticeably from the beginning of the journey.

  • Systematically safe

    Best views

    H7 halogen or optional xenon headlights, static cornering light and LED daytime driving lights deliver light and view.

    Fire and smoke detectors immediately sound the alarm when there is a risk of fire.

    An optional reversing camera assists during manoeuvring, and another optional camera above door 2 keeps passengers in the door area in view.

  • Innovative technology

    Engines with supreme thrust

    When the driver presses the accelerator pedal, the driving pleasure lifts off.

    The powerful Common Rail engine with 264 kW (360 HP) delivers supreme drive – and the combination with the optional TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox also an extremely low fuel consumption.

  • Innovative technology

    Good performance – powerful powertrain

    The latest generation of the MAN TipMatic® gearbox makes use of a new start-up and gear shifting strategy. SpeedShifting makes it possible to switch rapidly between the three highest gears, while Idle Speed Driving enables comfortable driving at idling speed without the need to use the accelerator pedal. The system can be operated effortlessly, either fully automatically or manually using a touch-action lever on the steering wheel.

  • Innovative technology

    Proven Technology

    The fact that the Jetliner can carry out its service without any disruptions and problems despite its high utilisation is based, last but not least, on the usage of tried-and-tested and continuously optimised components from the MAN Truck & Bus AG technology construction set.