NEOPLAN Cityliner - Design

Your travel guide with image

The Cityliner presents itself with a unique image: futuristic, classic, elegant. Its sharp cut design makes it the sensational travel guide. This premium coach will inspire your passengers!

A coach that is always well received

The Cityliner gives a good impression with its generously dimensioned glass and painted surfaces. It receives its crowning glory through the characteristic glass dome. The sharp cut design and typical flight-station appearance at front create a very distinct optical dynamism.

The NEOPLAN designers deliberately did without optical decoration and design twirls.

Because the Cityliner focusses on your passengers. Whether a tour group or individual travellers, whether young or in the best years: this luxury limousine will pamper your passengers with first class travel comfort.

A feast for the eyes with a timeless and elegant interior

The bright interior invites your passengers to enjoy the nearly limitless view of landscapes passing by. The Cityliner is a real feast for the eyes - from the inside and outside.

Spaciousness, clarity and transparency provide room for pure pleasure when travelling. Glass lift-up roofs and large-area windows offer impressive views of the travel environments.

And it also remains cool in summer. Because the glass panels with low energy transmission ensure keep your passengers free from perspiration.

Well thought-out: The total feel-good concept

The Cityliner pampers your travellers with ultimate comfort. Wide entrances invite them into the passenger compartment. The ergonomically curved seats caress their back – this makes even long journeys a pleasure.

The headroom on the Cityliner allows your passengers to move through the bus standing up.

Raised well: high, free-hanging luggage racks give quick access to hand luggage.

As a bus operator, you select your individual interior equipment made from high-quality materials: seat covers, headliner, floor covering, leather trim and much more.