NEOPLAN Cityliner - Equipment

Perfect host in every situation

The Cityliner proves itself to be the perfect host on every journey. Refresh your passengers with hot drinks. You offer best entertainment thanks to the excellent TopLine multimedia system.

Indulgence programme for body and soul

In the Cityliner you indulge the body and soul of your passengers. Use the functional on-board kitchen to serve hot drinks to your passengers. You have a choice from several state-of-the-art kitchen models.

Fantastic climate: the ingenious roll nozzle system allows each guest to adapt the interior climate to suite their own wishes.

The spacious on-board toilet is accessed over wide steps. You can also opt for a water toilet instead of the chemical toilet fitted as standard.

At least two LCD screens and the high quality MAN Multimedia Coach (MMC) infotainment system with navigation function provide the very best in entertainment.

Maximum room for passengers and bus operators

The Cityliner with three different vehicle lengths provides ample room for everybody and everything. It even offers your passengers space to lie down. A wonderfully large amount of stowage space is available for suitcases, bags and sport equipment.

You as a bus operator enjoy maximum freedom on all aspects of the equipment. Whether the seating, arrangement of the interior, kitchen and on-board toilet, multimedia system, aluminium wheel rims, xenon headlights and more: you can choose from numerous equipment lines and packages.

You therefore adapt your Cityliner optimally the to the wishes and needs of your customers.

Driver's cockpit with multifunction steering wheel

Your driver will also love the Cityliner. Its cockpit presents itself as equally ergonomic as it is functional. The elegant multifunction steering wheel integrates various control operation for easy operation on cue.

This is where your driver has everything safely in hand. Digital speedo, consumption display, navigation function, climate control and central on-board computer – all functions are clearly arranged and can be accessed immediately.

Safety-related functions are available exclusively to the driver. The new switch grouping also allows the escort to serve your passengers' wishes optimally.

The new generation of MAN EfficientCruise®

The fuel-saving EfficientCruise® assistance system detects the upward and downward gradients on up to the next three kilometres of the route ahead. On the basis of the desired speed selected by the driver (greater than or equal to 60 km/h), EfficientCruise® calculates a speed suitable for consumption-optimised upward and downward travel on hills and adapts the driven speed accordingly.

In combination with the new EfficientRoll shifting function, rolling is now also controlled intelligently via GPS preview. On gentle downward gradients in future, the gear will be disengaged automatically and the gearbox will shift to the neutral 'N' position. During the rolling phases, the engine continues to run separately from the gearbox at idling speed. This makes use of the momentum gained and the vehicle loses speed less quickly than it would with a gear engaged. Thanks to this process, drag losses can be reduced on downward gradients.

In comparison with a standard cruise control system, this system can reduce fuel consumption by up to nine per cent.