NEOPLAN Cityliner - Safety

Play it safe

With certainty, the inner workings of the Cityliner also offer you real safety highlights. Its solid ring frame construction with patented SafetyCabin ensures high driving stability. The Electronic Stability Program ESP always keeps your Cityliner safely on track, even in critical situations.

Everything under control – in every situation

You can now equip your Cityliner with further safety systems, just as you can for every NEOPLAN model. Take advantage of the lane identification feature of the Lane Guard System LGS on long routes.

Should the Cityliner ever leave the lane unintentionally, your driver is warned by a haptic vibration signal in the corresponding side of the seat. The lane monitoring/alertness assistant combination provides double the amount of safety on long journeys. The AttentionGuard minimises the risk of accidents on long journeys, as it identifies the first signs of concentration loss and over-tiredness and issues an alert if the driver's behaviour differs noticeably from the beginning of the journey, before the situation becomes critical.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Emergency Brake Assist

Increase the safety of your passengers, your driver and your vehicle with Adaptive Cruise Control. ACC keeps the distance to the vehicle in front constant. Discreet brake interventions by the retarder establish the safe distance.

With Comfort Drive Suspension you provide maximum travelling pleasure for your passengers. And with it you give your driver a reliable system for even more stable drivability. The MAN Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) supplements the brake assistance systems already available.

Light in every curve

The Cityliner is fitted with the innovative NEOPLAN cornering lights as standard equipment. They optimally illuminate country roads as well as excursion routes – your bus driver profits from improved foresight.

Every curve is also supremely mastered in the interior. The Cityliner owes its distinct manoeuvring pleasure to its sophisticated electronic hydraulic powered steering as well as the electrohydraulically steered trailing axle.

The high-quality ServocomTronic steering also provides optimal power assistance as well as outstanding directional stability at all times.

Safe on the road

Safety of passengers is our highest priority, which is why our technicians have invested a great deal in a highly stable passenger cell.

The SafetyCabin from NEOPLAN is the ideal all-round protection for the coach. Solid tubular spaceframe structures with two rollover bars, all-round ring frame and patented side wall reinforcement are supplemented by a reinforced front end.

The result: passengers are in exceptionally safe environment everywhere on the bus. Guaranteed.