NEOPLAN Jetliner - Equipment

Maximum variability

Whether hard-wearing scheduled-service seats or coach seats with leather trimming: the Jetliner can be converted individually and exclusively to the operational use.

Ultimate flexibility is what makes this premium bus the efficient double earner.

On schedule with coach comfort

The floor height of 1,070 millimetres lays the foundation for use as a combibus.

It offers real coach comfort, a luggage compartment volume up to 8 m³ and at the same time an entry height ideal for a bus service.

Maximum flexibility of use

The transformation from a coach to a bus is only a matter of minutes for the Jetliner.

The replaceable platform is removed with just a few hand turns.

And four seats are then replaced by a standing platform with space for wheelchair users and prams. The luggage rack is removable to create the full standing height.

Synthesis of design and function

Regardless of whether in regular scheduled service or holiday travel: the fitter and more concentrated the driver, the safer the journey.

This is why the multicolour cockpit has been designed to give optimum reachability to controls along with good recognition of anti-glare displays at all times.