NEOPLAN Jetliner - Technology

Engines with supreme thrust

When the driver presses the accelerator pedal, the driving pleasure lifts off.

The powerful Common Rail engine with 264 kW (360 HP) delivers supreme drive – and the combination with the optional TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox also an extremely low fuel consumption.

Proven Technology

The fact that the Jetliner can carry out its service without any disruptions and problems despite its high utilisation is based, last but not least, on the usage of tried-and-tested and continuously optimised components from the MAN Truck & Bus AG technology construction set.

Technical data

Type MAN D2066 LUH 59
6 cylinders/ 10,5 l displacement
Output 264 kW (360 HP)
Maximum torque 1800 Nm
Emission class Euro 6
Exhaust emission control CRT & SCR
Automated 12-gear manually operated gearbox TipMatic® with Idle Speed Driving and SpeedShifting function
Chassis and suspension
Front axle multi-link axle with anti-roll bar
Drive axle hypoid drive axle
final drive ratio i = 3.36
Electronically controlled chassis and suspension through ECAS air suspension system
Capacity Jetliner Jetliner C
Seats 53 + 1 57 + 1
Luggage compartment volume approx. 6,7 m³ approx. 8 m³
Overall length 12297 mm 13057 mm
Wheelbase 6120 mm 6880 mm
Overall width 2550 mm 2550 mm
Overall height 3400 mm 3400 mm