NEOPLAN Skyliner - Equipment

Luxurious lounge

Excitement and relaxation in a harmonic union. Two travel worlds in the premier class.You satisfy every passenger with the separate recreation areas in the Skyliner.

Sensual well-being

Pure luxuriousness! Service à la carte, luscious seats and stimulating entertainment. The Skyliner provides your passengers with maximum comfort:

  • Spacious functional kitchenette for freshly brewed hot drinks and warm snacks
  • Luxurious seats with varied adjustment options
  • TopLine multimedia centre with two 19-inch TFT monitors on the top deck and 10-inch flat screens on the bottom deck
  • Two barrier-free, wheelchair-accessible areas

Fantastic climate

Cosy warmth meets cool breezes. Real feel-good temperatures that relax as well as they refresh. The Skyliner optimises separate temperature control in the upper and lower decks with its DualZone air conditioning system:

  • The usual air-conditioning unit services the upper deck
  • The lower deck has two evaporators of its own
  • Larger sized air ducts increase air throughflow by 25 percent

Clever cockpit

Everything under control. Maximum functionality in its most beautiful form. The cockpit provides optimum support to your driver:

  • Dual core 32-bit onboard computer
  • Ultimate ergonomics thanks to the new switch and instrument layout
  • Multifunction steering wheel with all major control units
  • Radio remote control integrated in the key with separate opening of both doors

Exquisite refinement

Let your own visions come true. Finest leather, sparkling chrome, brilliant sound. The NEOPLAN Individual equipment line offers you widely varied top-level optional equipment packages:

  • High quality two-colour leather steering wheel
  • Elegant front-end cabinet with chrome applications