NEOPLAN Skyliner - Technology

Powerful propulsion

Dynamic and agile. Move forward with temperament. Preserve valuable resources. The heart of the Skyliner is a MAN D26 Common Rail engine with 500 HP (368 kW).

Beautiful efficiency

Perfectly shaped body conceals a business-minded character. Intelligent, worthwhile innovation. The Skyliner elegantly solves the dilemma between luxurious comfort and economic interests:

  • Efficient engine technology saves up to 170-kg weight
  • Efficiency display supports economic driving
  • Large-capacity concept reduces CO2 emissions to unrivalled low best values
  • The new generation of MAN EfficientCruise® combined with the new EfficientRoll shifting function can reduce fuel consumption by up to nine per cent compared to a standard cruise

Smooth gears

Precise assistance with integrated sure instinct. Targeted support opens free spaces.

First class – the 12-gear MAN TipMatic® manually operated gearbox reduces fuel consumption while elevating driving comfort and safety to the highest level.

The new SmartShifting gear function combines a new, rapid shifting process in every gear with upshift assistance and gear shifting tailored to the driving situation. Idle Speed Driving enables comfortable driving at idling speed without the need to use the accelerator pedal.

Streamlined figure

Also a perfect personality in the wind tunnel. Rocket through every air vortex with ease. Three in one sweep – reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and airstream noise. The Skyliner offers the best aerodynamics in the double decker market:

  • Large front radii
  • Angled top windscreen
  • Seamlessly smooth bodywork
  • Doors set flush
  • Lateral tapings and defined separation edge at the rear