NEOPLAN Tourliner - Design

Aesthetics and economy in perfect unison

The design of the new Tourliner is groundbreaking in the truest sense of the word. Its aerodynamic and multiple award-winning sharp cut design, its unrivalled low air resistance and its particularly sophisticated interior and lighting concept make it not only extremely comfortable but also highly economical.

Exceptional comfort

The Tourliner offers its passengers maximum comfort and impresses from the first moment with its extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere. The new colour concept with striking contrasts and a modern colour scheme is an immediate hit and creates a particularly balanced sense of space.

During the day, large-scale windows ensure that the cabin is flooded with light and provide sweeping views of your surroundings. As soon as it gets dark, the sophisticated lighting concept with indirect concealed LED lights ensures an all-over even illumination for a relaxed journey in a pleasant atmosphere.

Climb on board and relax

The Tourliner sets new standards in terms of passenger comfort and impresses all-round with its perfectly inviting atmosphere.

New user-friendly Service-Sets provide a pleasant ambience throughout the journey. Individually adjustable integrated ventilation with indirect airflow helps to create a draught-free ambient climate. The new lighting concept with indirect concealed LED lights is an immediate hit and creates a particularly inviting atmosphere.

The flat platform-free floor not only makes it easier for passengers to access the luggage racks but, together with the wheelchair lift and two wheelchair spaces, also allows for barrier-free access to the Tourliner.

Meeting the highest standards

The completely new multimedia set-up on board the Tourliner provides a unique travel experience. It offers individual infotainment with everything you could possibly want, including your own USB charging station and the option of playing your own files. Enjoy a first-class audio and visual experience, relax, and let yourself get carried away in the new Tourliner.