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Sharp-Cut design

The clean lines of the exclusive, multi award-winning Sharp-Cut design make the Tourliner a real visual highlight.

A real eye-catcher

An abundance of visual highlights: whether inside or out - the new Tourliner is a real eye-catcher.

Perfect aerodynamics

With a cw value improved by 20%, the new Tourliner distinguishes itself from its predecessor with impressive aerodynamics.

Loaded with comfort

The comfortable seats offer every passenger their own USB charging point.

Barrier-free mobility

The even, platform-free floor, wheelchair lift and two wheelchair bays allow barrier-free mobility par excellence.

A unique sense of space

With its indirect, full-cover LED illumination, the new lighting design instantly impresses and creates an atmosphere of sheer comfort.

Individual entertainment

The Multimedia Coach infotainment system offers a state-of-the-art multimedia experience. It is particularly user-friendly and allows playback of personal data.

Unique comfort

The ergonomic Service Sets offer attractive design and optimal air conditioning with individual ventilation. Relaxing travel has never been so easy.

Surfboard design

The sophisticated design of the luggage racks is not only a visual highlight, but also makes them more spacious and easier to access.

An organised space for an organised mind

The side control panel with improved storage design offers space for everything you need.

A workspace to impress

Ample room to move and plenty of storage space offer your drivers a fully optimised workspace.

Colour & trim

The redesigned colour scheme creates a particularly harmonious sense of space through its stark contrasts and modern colour combinations.

Excellent ergonomics

Optimally placed and easy-to-use equipment and controls, as well as the multifunction steering wheel, make work easier and ensure greater safety.

From one mould

The newly designed dashboard blends harmoniously into the driver's workplace and gives it a whole new three-dimensional feel.


The newly designed B-pillar and the V-shaped side window give the NEOPLAN its classic visor-like optic.

Roof fin

The new roof fin with its dynamic curves even allows for the air-conditioning system to be hidden away neatly.

Wheel arches

Extra comfort: the shortened wheel arches significantly enhance access to the luggage compartment

Side panel

The smooth-surfaced side panel is not only easy to clean but also makes the new Tourliner even more aerodynamic.

Luggage compartment doors

Even the luggage compartment doors boast improved kinematics with their oval handles.


Of course the Airbox in familiar NEOPLAN design is not missed out.

External mirrors

The new external mirrors not only ensure optimised aerodynamics but also improve the driver’s view.

Angel eyes

A visual highlight in the NEOPLAN design: the circular LED daytime running lights and the black trim ensure optimal visibility.

Front mask

The newly designed, multi-piece front mask impresses with optimised kinematics and operation as well as its low weight.

Front roof dome

The newly designed front roof dome impresses with its harmonious transition to the front windscreen.


The aerodynamically optimised A-pillar completes the front of the new Tourliner.

Navigation lights

The aerodynamically optimised rear appears bold and athletic with its new LED navigation lights.

Engine lid

Beneath this user-friendly and weight-optimised engine lid lies the heart of the new Tourliner.


Passion in every detail: the newly designed bumpers with diffuser optic complete the rear mask of the Tourliner perfectly.

Rear windscreen

The pronounced V-shape and wide chrome trim of the rear windscreen make the back of the Tourliner a true eye-catcher.

Air outlets

The newly designed air outlets with their remarkable shape have a distinct recognition value.

Rear lights

The whole family in the classic NEOPLAN design. This can also be seen in the new rear lights.

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The equipment is a
true dream of comfort

Optimal resource planning

With our newly launched maintenance computer, resource planning for your vehicles is markedly optimised, allowing you to better plan and significantly reduce time spent in the workshop. For a quicker and more flexible response for increased vehicle availability.

Optimal driver support

A whole range of state-of-the art driver assistance systems ensure that you always travel safely in the new Tourliner. New in the Tourliner are the maintenance computer and the optimised MAN EfficientCruise® in combination with EfficientRoll.
More information on EfficientCruise®


AttentionGuard provides early detection of noticeable changes in the steering behaviour of the driver by reacting to increased instances of the vehicle crossing lane markings. The key element of the AttentionGuard is the data provided by the LGS camera as well as other relevant information from the vehicle. The AttentionGuard thereby considerably contributes to the optimisation of active passenger safety, raises trust in your company and helps to prevent accidents, thus subsequently lowering repair costs and downtime.

MAN TipMatic® with Intarder 3

The MAN TipMatic® features a new start-up and gear-shifting strategy that is optimally adapted to D26 engines. An essential role in this is taken up by the new Smartshifting gearbox function which, together with the upshift support, ensures that an ideal balance is struck between efficiency and comfort when changing gear. In addition, the new Intarder 3 which is built into the Tourliner helps to enhance comfort and safety by providing increased brake torque and performance whilst at the same time saving fuel and reducing wear.

Performance increase par excellence

New in the Tourliner: the D26 engine with improved performance. An additional 20 hp power output and a 200 Nm higher torque make the new Tourliner more powerful and efficient than ever. This allows for fuel savings of up to 10%.


The new EfficientCruise® makes active and anticipatory interventions to the gear selection and can save even more fuel in combination with EfficientRoll. This is supplemented by SmartShifting, an enhanced version of SpeedShifting, and Idle Speed Driving.

EVBec Engine Brake

The EVBec engine brake helps to achieve a substantial increase in braking performance. The exact braking performance depends on the engine speed. For the driver, this means additional comfort and safety, which your passengers will feel as well.

New, long axle ratio

Fuel consumption and wear to the driveline are significantly improved with the introduction of the new, long axle ratio and the decreased engine speed. At the same time, driving noise is reduced for the driver and passengers.

Safety at the highest level

With its reinforced framework, the new Tourliner ensures optimum safety in every situation and already fulfils the statutory regulations for rollover accident protection ECE-R6602, applicable from 2017. Despite the resulting significantly higher demands on the framework regarding rollover forces, the new Tourliner is lighter than the previous model. As such, the new Tourliner is remarkable when it comes to safety and economy. The new Tourliner is available in three lengths: 13,373 mm, 12,113 mm and 13,913 mm. A fourth length of 13,000 mm is planned for the end of 2017.

Impressive details

The new Tourliner impresses from the first moment with its intelligently designed details. From the front mask to the wheel arches, the Tourliner follows a smart new approach when it comes to economy, durability and safety.

Barrier-free mobility

In the new Tourliner, the frame has been adapted so that a wheelchair lift and the accompanying leaf doors can be built onto the rear axle(s) for the right-hand and left-hand drive versions. In addition, the luggage compartment capacity has increased by up to 2% in relation to the length of the vehicle. Access to the seats and luggage racks is now considerably easier, safer and more comfortable for your passengers.

A lightweight

Despite satisfying the ECE R66.02 and all-round improved handling and vehicle characteristics, the new Tourliner is 60 kg lighter than the previous model.


The new Tourliner – attractive and economical. Up to 10% lower fuel consumption compared to the previous model. The combination of aerodynamics and an optimised driveline makes the new Tourliner an extremely economical, top-of-the-range coach.

Technology at the highest level

The Tourliner impresses with its interior qualities. Equipped with advanced on-board technology that has been tried and tested over many years, it is both powerful and highly economical on the road. Just as you might expect from a NEOPLAN.