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50 years of Skyliner. An inspiring trailblazer celebrates its anniversary.

The NEOPLAN Skyliner success story begins in 1967, when the first ever double-decker coach, the Skyliner made a big impression on customers and passengers worldwide. Thanks to its high passenger capacity, outstanding economy and impressive flexibility, it has become a shining example of its class on an international level. Fifty years later, this timeless classic is once again revolutionising the world of double-deckers. To this day, the premium coach attracts attention on every road. Dynamic, perfectly formed and boasting a breathtaking design, it is truly a feast for the eyes. But that’s not all:

its peerless aerodynamic concept also delivers unprecedented values in terms of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and driving noise.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Then enjoy the unbeatable feeling of open space by taking a test drive in one of our NEOPLAN Skyliners.

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Experience the Skyliner as a hologram

A fascinating 3D projection is just a few taps away.

This is how the prism works:

All you need is a transparent prism and your smartphone. Don’t have a prism at hand? We show you how you can create an impressive 3D hologram using common household craft materials. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Prisma-Vorlage ausdrucken

1. Print the prism pattern.

Download template (pdf 539 KB)

2. Schablone auf fester, durchsichtiger Folie nachzeichnen und ausschneiden

2. Trace the template on a sturdy, transparent sheet and then cut it out.

3. Einzelteile aneinander kleben

3. Glue the individual pieces together.

4. QR-Code scannen oder Video aus Youtube laden

4. Scan the QR Code or load up the video on YouTube.

5. Umgebung verdunkeln und Display aufhellen

5. Darken your surroundings and brighten the display.

6. In der Mitte platzieren und durch die Seiten betrachten

6. Position the prism in the middle of the display and look through the sheets.

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