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Moving Art. Klebebande meets NEOPLAN.

Design has been a driving force behind the NEOPLAN brand since its inception. In keeping with its name, NEOPLAN is taking things in a new direction to mark the 50th anniversary of the Skyliner, with a collective of ‘tape artists’ turning this undisputed style icon into a mobile work of art.

Strong shapes and sharp lines are not only trademark features of the Skyliner, but also characterise the artists’ adhesive tape designs.

About TapeArt and the ‘Klebebande’ artists

TapeArt is art made with adhesive tape. This art form is still in its early days, but is garnering an increasing amount of publicity and popularity on the street-art scene.

‘Klebebande’, the Berlin-based tape artist collective consisting of Bruno Kolberg, Bodo Höbing and Kolja Bultmann, are putting a new spin on the coach, using the NEOPLAN Skyliner as a canvas for their art. Moving art or art in motion? See the art for yourself at Busworld 2017, where you will also get the chance to meet the artists in the flesh.

These tape artists have their own studio on Holzmarktstraße in Berlin, where they are constantly working to create new output.

Around three kilometres of special adhesive tape, in thicknesses of between 5 and 100 mm, were used to tape the Skyliner bus.

Using their visual judgement, and a few different colours and line thicknesses, the artists have created an intricate scene for the Skyliner.

“The design is a very abstract interpretation of an urban space. Like when you are sitting in a coach, travelling through a city, looking up into the sky and you watch the buildings flying past you.”

Bruno Kolberg, from the ‘Klebebande’ collective