Klebebande meets NEOPLAN

Moving art: NEOPLAN movingART

Moving art or art in motion?
Design has been a driving force behind the NEOPLAN brand from the very beginning. The Berlin-based Klebebande tape artists transform NEOPLAN coaches into driving works of art.

“We are bringing art back into the public domain”

Creative and passionate artists: The Berlin-based Klebebande tape artist collective formed by Bruno Kolberg, Bodo Höbing and Kolja Bultmann completely reinvents the concept of a coach – as an artistic canvas.

Klebebande Berlin
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“Tape art is the art of taking something as simple as a few different line widths and some colours to create something really meaningful as an image”

Tape art is art created with adhesive tape – still a very young form of art, but it is gaining more and more prominence and popularity in the street art scene. Adhesive tape is incredibly versatile, has no scent, can be easily removed, and it allows for large areas to be covered in a short period of time. The artists from the Klebebande have also developed tape mapping – a combination of tape art and video mapping. It involves using projected video sequences to create fantastic effects and optical illusions.

The NEOPLAN Cityliner decorated with tape art by the Berlin-based Klebebande tape artists

Klebebande Berlin project

The NEOPLAN Skyliner decorated with tape art by the Berlin-based Klebebande tape artists

October 2017: Klebebande meets Skyliner

The first driving work of art was presented at the largest bus trade fair – Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium. The NEOPLAN Skyliner with its “City Density” theme in neon pink, gold and black reflects the increasingly congested conditions in inner cities.

“The design is a very abstract interpretation of an urban environment. Like when you are sitting in a coach, travelling through a city, looking up into the sky and you watch the buildings flying past you.”

NEOPLAN Skyliner after the Klebebande have finished their job

Strong shapes and clear lines – inspired by the skyline of a metropolitan city.

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Sketch of the Skyliner and adhesive tape in gold

3,000 metres of special tape, one sketch, many rolls of adhesive tape

in neon pink, black and gold, and some music – that’s all it took to transform a white NEOPLAN Skyliner into a rolling work of art in just four days.

March 2018: Klebebande meets Cityliner

MAN BusDays 2018 in Munich. The concept of “Performing Geometrics” that was used for the NEOPLAN Cityliner is based on descriptive geometry – a way of abstracting and simplifying complex three-dimensional structures. The neon orange, black and copper-coloured triangles evoke an image of the pointed rooftops of rural houses and farmyards.

Close-up of NEOPLAN Cityliner

Close-up of the orange, copper and black tape covering the NEOPLAN Cityliner

NEOPLAN Cityliner tape art from the Klebebande

NEOPLAN Cityliner tape art from the Berlin-based Klebebande

With a great sense of visual proportion and a few colours and line widths, the Cityliner is transformed into a work of art.

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Close-up of the tape art covering the Cityliner

Facts, facts, facts

Watch the video and find out what it takes to transform a bus into a moving work of art.

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September 2018: Klebebande meets Tourliner

All good things come in threes: Right on time for IAA 2018, the third NEOPLAN bus – the Tourliner – is set for launch. The new bus will be painstakingly decorated with neon yellow, black and white adhesive tape on a background of champagne-coloured metallic paint.

The artwork features individual buildings and their architectural features reduced to lines and geometric forms

Different to its two predecessors...

For the first time, the NEOPLAN Tourliner decorated was not white – instead, white adhesive tape was used to decorate a base of metallic grey paint amongst other colours.

MAN Bus Forum, Munich – four artists, two-and-a-half days

Last but not least, the stage was also set for the Tourliner itself.

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