Eurovision Song Contest 2017: The stage is set for the NEOPLAN Cityliner

This May, the eyes of music fans from across Europe will turn to Ukraine, where this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is to be held in Kiev. Joining the proceedings will be a NEOPLAN Cityliner to chauffeur the interpreters, crews and VIP guests.

  • NEOPLAN Cityliner to be used as the VIP shuttle bus for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017
  • Equipped to the highest standard for maximum comfort and safety
  • To be subsequently used for the transport of VIPs and government delegations

Interpreters, crews and VIP guests at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev will travel in comfort in a NEOPLAN Cityliner.

The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is to be held from 9 to 13 May 2017 in Ukraine’s capital city. The country has already spent many months preparing for the ESC, which is to be held under the banner of “Celebrate Diversity”. Only the best is good enough for audience members, interpreters and their crews, who will be travelling to Kiev from 42 countries. This is why, among other arrangements, a NEOPLAN Cityliner has been purchased for the transfers of VIP guests.

This vehicle reflects the requirements of the event organisers: 51 high-quality leather seats offer ample comfort and leg-room, while the luxury interior fittings include sun-roofs, a fridge and coolbox, on-board kitchen and toilet facilities, and a high-quality audio system. Thanks to the large windows, passengers are also able to enjoy a superb view of the city and its numerous sights. “The Eurovision Song Contest is a distinguished event for the country and its people. It is all the more pleasing that we are able to make a contribution to the success of the event”, states Michael Batz, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine. “The NEOPLAN Cityliner combines the highest level of comfort with innovative technology, and therefore ensures that ESC guests from a wide range of countries arrive at their destination relaxed and assured of their safety.”

To do this, the NEOPLAN Cityliner features numerous assistance systems such as the electronic brake system (EBS), emergency brake assistance (EBA), a lane guard system (LGS) with haptic signal warning and adaptive cruise control (ACC). Other built-in features include the automatic windscreen washer regulator (rain sensor) and automatic headlight operation (light sensor). The electronic MAN comfort drive suspension (CDS) also provides particular comfort. The twelve metre-long bus is driven by a 440 hp (324 kW) diesel engine, which fulfils the Euro 6 emissions standard. The automatic twelve-gear MAN TipMatic transmission with EasyStart moving-off aid makes for especially quiet driving – a benefit for both passengers and for residents of Kiev.

The bus will also remain in use for the purpose of transporting VIPs even after the ESC. For this reason, MAN Truck & Bus Ukraine will take over the servicing and maintenance of the NEOPLAN Cityliner for one year. “The intention is that the Cityliner will be used in the future to chauffeur VIPs and government delegations who are visiting Kiev. Its luxurious fittings and extensive safety features make it ideal for this task”, explains Michael Batz.