NEOPLAN Skyliner: Faring well in the Philippines

The NEOPLAN Skyliner is taking over the world. Since recently, the double-decker has also been safely and comfortably taking passengers in the Philippines to their destination.

For the first time, a NEOPLAN Skyliner is being used in the Philippines as part of Froehlich Tours’ fleet.

  • NEOPLAN Skyliner used in Philippines for first time
  • Froehlich Tours has imported the double-decker from South Korea

The buses of Froehlich Tours are familiar to many people in the Philippines. However, they have long been known for more than just their striking yellow colour. The vehicles offer more comfort and safety than many other buses operating in the country, making them popular among locals and tourists alike. The vehicle fleet of Christopher Bauer, Chief Executive Officer of Froehlich Tours, has come to include a particular highlight of late: a NEOPLAN Skyliner. “As far as we are aware, this is the very first NEOPLAN Skyliner in the Philippines – making this a premiere,” says Christian Schuf, Head of Bus Sales at MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific, adding: “We feel strongly motivated and pleased by the NEOPLAN Skyliner proving very popular in so many different regions and cultures, and ensuring that the passengers can now travel in a safe and relaxed way here, too.”

The NEOPLAN Skyliner was used in South Korea for nine years before starting its career in the Philippines. It made its rounds as a sightseeing coach in Seoul, hosting tourists from around the whole world along the way. “Since there are strict rules for a vehicle’s service life in Korea, the Korean bus company was looking for a buyer over the last year – and it found one,” Schuf states. Prior to its new deployment, relevant servicing and maintenance work was carried out. For the last few months, the 12.5m (41ft) long double-decker has primarily transported visitors to the Philippines across the island. They are impressed by the comfortable coach, which is synonymous with pleasant journeys due to its comprehensive range of equipment and smooth driving style.

The NEOPLAN Skyliner operating in the Southeast Asian island nation is one of almost 5,000 Skyliners that have travelled on roads around the world to date. The model owes its international success to its sophisticated technology and legendary design, for which it has already been awarded multiple internationally renowned prizes. As Schuf puts it: “Now it’s cutting a fine figure in the Philippines, as well.”