MAN Truck & Bus at busworld: Solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

At busworld, in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, MAN and NEOPLAN will be exhibiting state-of-the-art city buses, intercity buses and touring coaches – vehicles that will form the foundation for the mobility of tomorrow. The highlight at the stand is the new MAN Lion’s Coach, which is celebrating its official debut at the fair.

  • MAN Truck & Bus will exhibit five buses at its stand in Hall 2, and another four will be available for test drives on the outdoor grounds
  • The Man Lion’s Coach will be presented for the first time as a 13-metre bus with two axles
  • Comprehensive consultancy services regarding alternative power sources, financing and service

The bus makes a significant contribution when it comes to responding to the challenges of emissions, traffic volume and affordable public mobility – whether in local public transport or long-distance travel. People who decide to travel by bus have high expectations in terms of flexibility, speed, safety and comfort, regardless of whether they are “only” hopping from one bus stop to the next or setting out on a long journey. That's why Man Truck & Bus, with its MAN and NEOPLAN brands, offers vehicles that are suitable for a wide range of applications – and will be displaying a selection of these at busworld 2017 in Kortrijk. In addition, experts from the relevant specialist departments will be offering advice on topics relating to MAN Transport Solutions, MAN Financial Services, and MAN Service.

First appearance in the public eye: the new MAN Lion’s Coach

The highlight at MAN’s stand is the new MAN Lion’s Coach, which is celebrating its official world premiere at the fair under the motto “Im Zeichen des Löwen” (“inspired by the lion”). And the motto is not just empty words: At first glance, visitors will see a real MAN that, at the same time, forms the basis for the new MAN bus design language. But the new MAN Lion’s Coach doesn't just win people over with its modern yet timeless design; it’s also thanks to its economic efficiency. The 13-metre long (13,091 mm), two-axle vehicle offers up to six more spaces than its 12-metre cousin. Visitors to the fair will be amongst the first to experience this longer variant live. The touring coach is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine D2676 LOH with 460 hp (338 kW) and the 12-gear MAN TipMatic automatic gearbox with Easy-Start starting assistance. The new MAN Lion’s Coach also sets the standard when it comes to safety. Thanks to components of high-tensile steel and patented pipe-in-pipe technology for the roll bar, the new touring coach complies with the ECE R66.02 safety standard and is able to absorb 50% more impact energy in a crash. The LED main headlights and taillights also ensure safety and efficiency, as do the numerous assistance systems such as the LGS (Lane Guard System) with haptic warning feedback, the advanced emergency braking system (EBA), light and rain sensors, the topography-based cruise control MAN EfficientCruise, which includes the EfficientRoll “rolling function”, and the MAN AttentionGuard. There is also a fire-extinguishing system in the engine compartment of the MAN Lion’s Coach.

Anyone boarding the touring coach will see immediately that the interior, too, has been designed with the highest standards of attractiveness and efficiency in mind. For example, an LED light strip runs all the way around the ceiling area to illuminate it in a ‘warm white’ tone. In general, MAN has focused on using bright, fresh colours and creating a generous sense of space. Handholds and rails in stainless steel also ensure the exhibition bus will make an elegant impression.

The all-rounder: MAN Lion's Intercity

The MAN Lion's Intercity is the ideal solution for city, intercity and school bus transport. With up to 63 seats, the “Intercity Xtra Lite” variant of the MAN Lion's Intercity offers a market-standard school bus design with abundant space for passengers, and despite the fantastic amount of space it has at its disposal, it also impresses with its excellent manoeuvrability. In terms of safety, too, the MAN Lion's Intercity comes out on top of the competition – it is the safest intercity bus on the market. This is thanks to, amongst other things, its rollover resistance in accordance with ECE R66.02, the advanced emergency braking system (EBA) and other numerous assistance systems. It is driven by a 290 hp (213 kW) 6-cylinder diesel engine. An acoustic warning signal sounds whenever the doors open or close, and ensures that intercity and school bus passengers in particular are able to board and alight safely. The hydraulic lift built into door 2 demonstrates how people with limited mobility can also be transported with no problems at all, and how their boarding and alighting can be made as comfortable as possible.

Perfectly engineered for lower emissions: MAN Lion’s City Hybrid

For many years now, MAN has been a driving force behind research into alternative drive systems in city buses, with the aim of reducing emissions in local public transport to an absolute minimum. MAN has offered a particularly low-emission city bus since 2010 in the form of the MAN Lion’s City Hybrid, with each hybrid bus using up to 30 percent less fuel per year. That means up to 26 tonnes of CO2 fewer per year than with conventional engines. Since the hybrid technology will continue to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in the future, MAN will also be exhibiting a MAN Lion’s City Hybrid at busworld. Amongst other things, the 11,980 mm-long vehicle has particularly wide inward-swinging doors with both optical and acoustic door-closing warnings, a kneeling function, space for a wheelchair or pram, and electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS). LEDs are used for the interior lighting, the taillights and the daytime running lights, and the highest level of safety is ensured by the electronic stability program (ESP), light and rain sensors, tyre pressure monitoring for all axles and further assistance systems.

5000 buses in 50 years: NEOPLAN Skyliner

2017 is a banner year for the NEOPLAN Skyliner. The double-decker touring coach’s success story began 50 years ago, and the 5000th NEOPLAN Skyliner will be delivered at busworld 2017 in Kortrijk. Visitors to the stand will experience the luxurious double-decker with some custom modifications by MAN Bus Modification Center. Alongside a lounge on the lower deck, there are four tables and a modern L-shaped kitchen, an Infotainment system and a vacuum toilet similar to that on an airplane. The experts of the Bus Modification Center, who carry out special customer requests for MAN and NEOPLAN public transit and touring vehicles, will be giving advice on ideas for furnishings, custom refinements, innovative multimedia solutions and luxurious on-board kitchens. The NEOPLAN Skyliner's new interior colour and trim concept, which focuses on bright, fresh colours, also catches the eye. All told, 76 passengers can be comfortably seated in this luxury bus. A good journey is ensured by a 500 hp (368 kW) diesel engine, the 12-gear MAN TipMatic automatic gearbox with intarder and Easy-Start starting assistance, and the electronically controlled CDS shock absorbers. Five emergency-exit panes on the upper deck form a nearly continuous glass ceiling, providing plenty of natural light on the upper deck. Safety is further maintained by, amongst other things, the Lane Guard System (LGS) with haptic warning feedback, the advanced emergency braking system (EBA), the adaptive cruise control (ACC), MAN AttentionGuard, a smoke alarm in the luggage storage compartment and a fire-extinguishing system in the engine compartment.

Entering the premium segment: NEOPLAN Tourliner

A new member of the NEOPLAN family will be presented at busworld in Belgium, in the shape of the new Tourliner. A high level of travel comfort, modern technology, economical solutions and a demanding and aerodynamic design make up the NEOPLAN Tourliner. With the displayed 2+1 VIP seating, the NEOPLAN Tourliner is accessible to a new segment of the market. With 30 luxurious seats, it enables new business models, such as business travel.

The vehicle that will be exhibited at the fair is equipped with, amongst other things, rear-view and driver’s-perspective cameras, which make steering the bus as safe and simple as possible even in narrow inner city areas or in car parks. A pleasant driving experience is ensured by a 6-cylinder, 420 hp (309 kW) diesel engine and the 12-gear MAN TipMatic automatic gearbox. But the NEOPLAN Tourliner also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety: the smoke-detection system, which is fitted in the luggage compartment and on the main control panel, will detect even a smouldering fire – without it having to give off much heat. On top of that, a whole array of cutting-edge driver-assistance systems ensure that both driver and passengers are always safe while travelling. The premium coach is also fitted with an anti-theft device, and to allow passengers to use their notebooks, tablets or smartphones at any point during a journey, all seats are equipped with USB ports.

Test drives on the outdoor grounds

Visitors wanting to sit behind the wheel of a MAN or NEOPLAN bus and experience driving one themselves can find the opportunity in the outdoor area. There, a MAN Lion’s City CNG, the new NEOPLAN Tourliner C (13,103 mm with two axles) and the NEOPLAN Skyliner Interurban are available for test drives for those with a class 2 licence. Those who are interested can also find a new MAN Lion’s Coach C (13,091 mm long with two axles). This vehicle, specified for use in France, is fitted with a lift, extended podiums, a toilet cubicle, and seating for a maximum of 59 passengers.