NEOPLAN Skyliner


Your luxury double-decker coach in the NEOPLAN VIP CLASS

  • Fascination on the move for up to 85 passengers
  • Experience the high life – two worlds in one bus
  • Drive efficiently with the lowest CO2 emissions per person per kilometre

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Experience the high life – two worlds in one bus.

Offer your passengers two travel experiences: with the Skyliner, we have brought together two top-class bus worlds in one vehicle for you. On the lower level, it captivates with its luxurious lounge ambience, on-board kitchen, WC and the largest luggage compartment in the double-decker class. The light-flooded upper deck with optimal seating comfort and a unique panoramic view leads you to two spacious stairways.

The Skyliner luxury double-decker coach is sure to bring delight on every journey. The skilful mix of curves and edges of its Sharp Cut design is visually impressive and ensures the best aerodynamics. During the journey, you will benefit from the latest driver assistance and safety systems and the constantly evolving, powerful Euro 6 engine generation.

NEOPLAN Skyliner City

Efficiency through design

The Sharp Cut design is stunningly beautiful and lowers
fuel consumption.

How beauty becomes an economic factor

Your passengers can enjoy pure luxury in the Skyliner, right from the start. Sophisticated style elements such as the visor look of the forebody, the dynamically angled wheel arches and the diamond cut of the windows along the edge of the roof combine to form the perfect exterior. And the well-thought design elements in the interior seamlessly enhance the unique travel experience.

award-winning Sharp Cut design
best in aerodynamics
Comfort seats with high-quality leather interior
full-LED headlights with a black trim
Feel-good space with a panoramic view
Elegant chrome details

Perfectly safe

The bodywork’s multi award-winning Sharp Cut design combines uncompromising safety with sturdy ring spars and roll bars with an all-round perfect look.

Economy through design

Beauty that also ensures the best in aerodynamics: three-dimensional curved windscreen, doors and skylights set flush, lateral tapings and defined separation edge at the rear.

Relaxing on the move

Comfort seats with high-quality leather interior and ample space for movement for the head and legs make every trip a luxury travel experience.

Visual highlights

The full-LED headlights with a black trim are not just an eye-catching feature. together with the ring-shaped LED daytime driving lights – ‘Angel Eyes’ – they ensure optimal viewing and visibility on the road.

Feel-good space with a panoramic view

The large glass dome at the front, the skylights and the large ceiling windows make the upper level into a light-flooded viewing terrace.

Luxury experience down to the last detail

Elegant chrome details round off the consistently well thought-out design experience of the Skyliner, in the exterior as well as in the feel-good worlds on both levels in the interior.

Skyliner Panorama tour

Experience the unique travel experience of our Skyliner itself: our 360° panoramic images invite you to do so. Experience an interactive virtual tour through our luxury double-decker coach.

To the panorama tour

Equipment as individual as your needs

A journey with the Skyliner means relaxation and rest from the moment your passengers board. A variety of equipment details ensures an appealing feel-good atmosphere on board, from interior design, air conditioning and entertainment to the on-board kitchen and the WC which can be used at all times, to abundant storage space for luggage.

Innovative stairs solution

Innovative stairs solution

In the Skyliner, we now offer you an additional convenience option: the equipment options with positioning of the front stairs on the right in the direction of travel. Thanks to the stairs immediately next to the front access, your passengers will directly reach the upper deck quickly and comfortably. This decreases waiting times when getting on and off. The new stairs solution also creates space for two additional seats. Moreover, under the stairs to the aisle, it offers space for fittings such as a screen, a coffee or snack machine or a storage compartment with a roller blind.

We have also redesigned the co-driver’s seat for the innovative staircase option: it now offers even greater seating comfort with more free space in the entrance area. Drivers also benefits: they now have an extra 70 mm in seat adjustment and additional storage space. The central location of all electrical components to the left and behind the driver’s seat also makes it easier to maintain your Skyliner.

On-board luxury

On-board luxury

There is only one class in the Skyliner for your passengers: the luxury class. This is guaranteed, for example, by the numerous adjustment options of the comfort seats. The comfortable standing height of 1.80 meters also ensures that all on-board travellers feel at ease. The standard equipment in the Skyliner includes the optimum ambient temperature. Our two-zone air-conditioning system provides the upper and lower decks with heat or a cool breeze, independently of each other.

In the spacious, functional kitchenette, you can prepare freshly brewed hot drinks and hot snacks for your passengers at any time. And the clever concept of LED lighting throughout the interior illuminates both levels at any time of day or night, depending on your requirements.

Navigation and Entertainment: Multi Media Coach (MMC)

Navigation and Entertainment

With our latest Multi-Media Coach (MMC) in the cockpit, your drivers will always have control over navigation, mobile phones and entertainment for their passengers. The navigation system was specially developed for coach traffic and reliably informs you about traffic restrictions, such as the height and weight of your vehicle. And thanks to precise traffic information, you can quickly avoid traffic jams and get your passengers to their destination quicker and more safely.

To entertain your passengers, your Multi Media Coach receives a variety of radio programs in both analogue and digital formats. In addition, the MMC offers the option to play your own audio files and that of your passengers via USB port, SD card or Bluetooth connection. You can also use your MMC as a hands-free system for two mobile phones at the same time.

Luxury class storage space

Luxury class storage space

With our luxury double-decker coach, you can offer up to 85 passengers a luxury travel experience, even when it comes to luggage, without any limits: the Skyliner is in a class of its own even when it comes to storage. With a volume of up to 11 m³, it offers the largest luggage compartment of all double-decker buses.

With the Skyliner, we make loading and unloading the luggage compartment as easy as possible. Thanks to an opening angle of up to 90 degrees, the luggage compartment flaps can be opened up to 2.24 meters high. Special hinges on the luggage compartment door also increase the clear width of the aisle. And the additional door inside the lower deck allows access to the luggage even during the journey.

Automotive technology for the luxury class

Your luxury double-decker coach also provides the best when it comes to technical details. This is because we have designed the Skyliner down to the finest detail – from the engine, transmission and suspension technology to the cost-effectiveness ratio between size, weight and use of space.

MAN D26 common-rail engine

Environmentally-sound power pack

Reliable, economical, powerful and environmentally friendly: the new MAN D26 common-rail engine does a great job behind the engine compartment flap of your Skyliner. The six-cylinder in-line engine with 375 kW (510 HP) offers an outstanding consumption-performance ratio and runs smoothly and quietly. The combination of exhaust gas recirculation EGR with the SCR filter ensures a maximum reduction of pollutant emissions. Your NEOPLAN Skyliner complies with the latest Euro 6 emission standard. At the same time, the drive system achieves particularly low fuel consumption and thus ensures excellent travel economy.

MAN TipMatic® Coach

Technology for a quiet drive

Gliding comfortably. Provide your passengers with a relaxing travel experience on every route. The new MAN TipMatic® Coach generation of your Skyliner ensures the optimum gear-shift strategy in every driving situation, from starting on inclines, gradients and corners to support in stationary traffic. The intelligent transmissions technology increases driving comfort considerably. You will also benefit from increased road safety and lower fuel consumption.

The active, electronically controlled suspension CDS (Comfort Drive Suspension) not only increases driving comfort, but also road safety. Electronically controlled dampers respond to changing loading and driving conditions at lightning speed and adjust the hardness and intensity of the damping to the new conditions in milliseconds. This means that the vehicle always stays safely on course on bends and when at full load.

Technical data

Engine MAN D2676 LOH, R6 vertical, Euro 6
Displacement 12,419 cm3
Performance 375 kW (510 HP), 2,600 Nm
Gearbox MAN TipMatic®, automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox with EasyStart
Front axle Multi-link axle with independent wheel suspension and stabiliser
Rear axle MAN hypoid axle with four location arms
Trailing axle EHLA (electronically hydraulic steering axle)
Luggage compartment volumes up to 11 m3
Seats Up to 83+1+1, up to 2 wheelchair spaces
Length 14,000 mm
Width 2,550 mm
Height including air-conditioning system 4,000 mm
Turning circle 23,316 mm
Wheelbase 6,700 mm/1,470 mm
Standing height in centre aisle, upper deck 1,680 mm
Standing height in centre aisle, lower deck 1,840 mm

Safety and efficiency on a premium trip

In the Skyliner, your passengers are as comfortable as they are safe. Powerful, intelligent systems ensure automated safety and optimum driver support. And last but not least, you save fuel and maintenance costs.

Our services and further information

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The Skyliner success story

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