NEOPLAN Skyliner - Design

Bold renaissance

An entirely new shining light − constructed from visionary masterpieces. The new Skyliner is revolutionising the world of double deckers. NEOPLAN has been building the most beautiful and most exclusive double decker coaches for over 50 years.

Sharp lines

Curves merge with edges. Elegance presents itself radically new. Award winning – the bold sharp cut design of the Skyliner displays pioneering style elements:

  • Roof edge glazing in diamond cut
  • Front end in visor look
  • Side view with dynamic coupling of upper and lower decks
  • Elegant rear view with arrowed window and chromed panels

Glassy shining light

Natural light streams into the interior. Transparency opens up views to endless horizons. The glazed dome in the upper deck creates a mobile panorama terrace. These premium box seats unleash sheer rapture:

  • First row with a roof dome sized nearly 0.5 sqm and an all-round view to the front
  • Side windows angled into the roof
  • Three or five glass roofs

Magic dimensions

Generous freedom of movement for head and legs. Pure travel pleasure with a feel of being in the VIP-CLASS. The lower deck is also impressive with its feeling of ample room and maximum passage of light:

  • 1.81-metre standing height
  • Significantly more light due to triangular windows behind the doors
  • Large windows and the transparent dividing wall at the driver's workplace illuminate both stairwells