Safety and Driver Assistance Systems for Your Long-Distance Bus

Safety & Driver Assistance Systems

Technology expertise for your long-distance bus

Turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection

Turn assist and traffic sign detection

The turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection can provide additional safety on the road thanks to camera technology.

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MAN OptiView mirror replacement system

Safe Sight: Display to Replace Mirrors

Put an end to blind spots, dirty exterior mirrors and dazzling headlights with MAN OptiView.

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Safe Travels

Because your safety is important to us, our safety and driver assistance systems detect hazards even before they occur, warn the driver in good time or get actively involved. With the latest generation of innovative safety and driver assistance systems, you will always have your vehicle under control – even in difficult conditions. Trust our technical expertise and experience safety in its most effective form.

Safety and Driver Assistance Systems for the NEOPLAN Long-Distance Buses

Turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection
Turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection

Safer roads for everyone: our camera-based assistance system continuously analyses the vehicle’s surroundings, including blind spots, detects traffic signs, and alerts the driver to potential collisions.

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Digital Mirror Replacement System: MAN OptiView
Digital Mirror Replacement System: MAN OptiView

A big safety boost for all road users: two cameras in place of the exterior mirrors transmit the side and rear area of the bus in real time to two monitors in the cockpit, thereby eliminating the blind spot.

About the Digital Mirror Replacement System
Emergency Brake Assist & Emergency Stop Signal
Emergency Brake Assist & Emergency Stop Signal: Emergency Brake (EB)

Valuable response time on top: the optimised Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) warns the driver even earlier of an impending collision and brakes automatically in an emergency. The Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) warns the traffic behind of an emergency brake with a higher-frequency flashing of the hazard warning lights.

About the Emergency Brake Assist
Electronic Braking System
Electronic Braking System (EBS)

One system – triple safety: the Electronic Braking System (EBS) includes the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the traction control system (ASR) components, for improved driving stability and traction.

About the Electronic Braking System
Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Driving almost by itself: the Adaptive Cruise Control automatically regulates speed and the distance between you and the traffic ahead. Now also in slow-moving traffic or traffic jams – for greater comfort and safety.

About Adaptive Cruise Control
Lane Monitoring: Lane Guard System
Lane Monitoring: Lane Guard System (LGS)

So you always stay in lane: The Lane Guard System monitors whether you are in your lane. If you leave the lane, the system issues an acoustic signal which immediately increases the driver's awareness – for greater safety on the roads.

About the Lane Guard System
Attention assist system AttentionGuard
AttentionGuard: AttentionGuard

Your personal bodyguard: The AttentionGuard system detects early but noticeable changes in steering behaviour, in particular drifting out of lane, and warns the driver visually and acoustically before it becomes dangerous.

About the AttentionGuard
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
Tyre Pressure Monitoring: Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

Good riddance to punctures! The Tyre Pressure Monitoring constantly monitors the tyre pressure – even during travel. If the tyres fall below the minimum permitted pressure, the driver is warned by means of a signal and a check lamp in the cockpit.

About Tyre Pressure Monitoring
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

In critical situations where the vehicle is at risk of skidding or overturning, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) provides support through corrective braking or engine torque reduction.

About the Electronic Stability Program
Continuous Brake Management with MAN BrakeMatic brake control
Continuous Brake Management with brake control: MAN BrakeMatic

The intelligent, electronic MAN BrakeMatic brake management combines the functions of the service brake with the continuous brake. That enables a constant speed to be held when driving downhill, because the continuous brakes are activated automatically.

About MAN BrakeMatic
Multi-function Steering Wheel
Multi-function Steering Wheel

Everything under control: The driver can use the MAN multi-function steering wheel to operate the cruise control, audio system, telephone and many more functions, without taking a hand off the steering wheel. For increased safety and driving comfort.

About the Multi-function Steering Wheel
Do you want not only to be safe on the road, but also to save fuel?

The GPS-assisted cruise control MAN EfficientCruise® with intelligent rolling function analyses and anticipates the expected topography of the route and automatically opts for the most economical speed and driving style.

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