NEOPLAN Tourliner - Safety

Groundbreaking safety

The Tourliner ensures maximum safety in every situation, with the latest driver assistance systems and a reinforced frame. It already meets the stringent requirements of the ECE R66.02 rollover regulation standards, which will come into force in 2017. And yet the new Tourliner is still 60 kg lighter than the previous model.

The best possible choice

A whole range of state-of-the art driver assistance systems ensure that you always travel safely in the new Tourliner.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) maintains a constant distance from the vehicle in front and adjusts the driving speed automatically. The Electronic Braking System (EBS) reduces the braking time – a powerful assistant in every situation. The improved Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) detects dangerous situations even more quickly and reliably.

Thanks to the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the Tourliner skilfully remains in its lane at all times, even in critical situations. The Dynamic Stability Program prevents under- and over-steering.

The MAN BrakeMatic® constant braking system enables controlled downhill driving at a fixed speed. Maximum Speed Control (MSC) and the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system (TPM) assist the driver and help to prevent accidents.


In addition, AttentionGuard provides early detection of noticeable changes in the steering behaviour of the driver by reacting to increased instances of the vehicle crossing lane markings.

If the system registers the first signs of a lack of concentration and overtiredness in the driver, the message ‘Break recommended’ appears on the display. In addition, the system issues an acoustic and optionally also a haptic signal.

AttentionGuard is based on data from the Lane Guard System (LGS), which uses cameras to monitor and maintain the correct spacing in the lane. AttentionGuard not only actively increases driver and passenger safety, it also increases confidence in your company.