The success story of the NEOPLAN Skyliner

A timeless classic

The NEOPLAN Skyliner and its history

The success story of the NEOPLAN Skyliner began in 1967. As the first ever double-decker coach, the Skyliner made a big impression on customers and passengers worldwide. Thanks to its high passenger capacity, outstanding economy and impressive flexibility, it has become a shining example of its class on an international level. Fifty years later, this timeless classic is once again revolutionising the world of double-deckers. To this day, the premium coach attracts attention on every road. Dynamic, perfectly formed and boasting a breathtaking design, it is truly a feast for the eyes. But that’s not all:

In 1967 the first ever double-decker coach is introduced

1967: The success story begins.

Unveiled to the public as the first ever double-decker coach, this classic established itself around the globe thanks to its high passenger capacity, economy and outstanding flexibility.

In 1974 the first Skyliner enters regular scheduled service operation in Los Angeles

1974: The Skyliner conquers Hollywood.

The first NEOPLAN Skyliner used for regular scheduled services in Los Angeles features American components such as e.g. the Cummins engine, Allison gearbox or Rockwell standard axles.

In 1978 the Skyliner mastered the Pan-American Highway

1978: Perfect performance on the Pan-American Highway.

The Skyliner is met with success in North America thanks to its reliability on challenging road surfaces and with a daily distance coverage of up to 1,500 km.

In 1980 the NEOPLAN Skyliner served as a mobile home for an Arab royal family

1980: A pilgrimage bus fit for a king.

An Arab royal family put the vehicle to use as a mobile home and flagship vehicle for their pilgrimage to Mecca. Every one of their wishes was fulfilled, from a TV to golden water taps.

The NEOPLAN Skyliner “Golden Nugget” in Philadelphia

1981: Off to the casino.

In the early 1980s the Skyliner was used as a shuttle bus for the “Golden Nugget”, a large casino in Philadelphia, with a fleet of 20 vehicles transporting customers to the casino for high-stakes fun.

NEOPLAN Skyliner inside NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

1985: Two world records.

The Skyliner is both the shortest and longest double-decker in the world. Just 9 metres long, the compact Skyliner is a big hit in Japan, while the 14.5-metre Superskyliner is used at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for visitor tours.

City tour in Munich with the fully-glazed NEOPLAN Skyliner

1999: The glass bus.

The fully-glazed NEOPLAN double-decker, measuring 13.7 metres in length, makes for the ultimate visual experience on countless tours around Munich.

Team bus of the Hamburg Freezers in the 2008/2009 season – a NEOPLAN Skyliner L

2009: Freezers on tour.

The Hamburg Freezers, a team in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL, Deutsche Eishockey Liga), used a NEOPLAN Skyliner L in the 2008/2009 season for first-class comfort and optimum safety.

In 2016 the NEOPLAN Skyliner receives multiple awards

2016: An award winner.

In addition to a whole host of design awards, the Skyliner can now also add awards for economic driving and comfort. Most recently, it won the IBC Award 2016 (International Bus & Coach Competition organised by the trade magazine “Bus-Fahrt”, published by Stünings) and the IBNP 2016 (International Sustainability Prize awarded by “busplaner”, published by Huss).

50 years of NEOPLAN Skyliner

2017: 50 years of experience, and more sustainable than ever.

Unrivalled aerodynamics and low fuel consumption: With the lowest CO2 values per passenger kilometre, the Skyliner proves that it is more environmentally friendly than any other vehicle of its class. In the year of its 50th anniversary, the Skyliner is awarded the International Sustainability Prize by the specialist journal “busplaner”.

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