GPS-assisted Cruise Control: MAN EfficientCruise®

The MAN EfficientCruise® GPS-assisted cruise control system detects up and downward gradients along the route up to three kilometres in advance. This means that it can adjust the selected gear and speed to achieve optimum economy whilst driving. Downshifts are suppressed where appropriate.

The new generation of EfficientCruise® now allows for even more anticipatory driving. A smooth and consumption-oriented intervention in the gear selection not only eliminates large interruptions in traction, but also offers the driver a harmonious driving experience. The driver simply selects the desired speed and one of the four possible speed tolerance levels (ECO Level I - IIII). Level I denotes the smallest deviation from the set speed, Level IIII the greatest. The latter provides maximum fuel savings and is ideal for light traffic on motorways and country roads. A rocker switch enables the ECO Level to be adapted to the current traffic situation at any time during the journey.

EfficientRoll – Intelligent coasting through situational activation

Thanks to innovative technology, coasting is now also intelligently controlled by means of GPS preview. MAN has here once again significantly expanded the potential for fuel savings. Even when on a slight downward gradient, the transmission automatically shifts to the neutral position "N" - but only where fuel consumption can actually be reduced. Thus the momentum is maintained and the vehicle loses speed less quickly than with an engaged gear. The intelligent activation of the feature means that it is used less often but at the same time more efficiently.

Innovative MAN technology –̶ Added value for the driver and the environment

In combination with EfficientRoll, the new generation of MAN EfficientCruise® saves more fuel and enables the vehicle to travel in a more environmentally friendly way than ever before. The smooth intervention of the cruise control enormously increases comfort and optimally reduces the strain on the driver. This means that the driver can now concentrate fully on the driving tasks in greater comfort and with minimum time expenditure.