Lane Return Assist

Active support with lane keeping: Using a camera, the lane return assist* monitors the lane markings and warns the driver haptically, acoustically and visually in the event of unintentionally leaving the lane. If necessary, the system automatically steers the coach back to the lane to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Warns of unintentional lane departure

Actively supports the driver with lane keeping: The optional lane return assist* not only monitors tracking stability based on the lane markings, but actively and gently steers the coach back to the correct lane if necessary – before a dangerous situation arises. In this way, the intelligent system* relieves drivers and can help to reduce the risk of accidents caused by unintentionally leaving the lane.

Combination of three systems

The lane return assist* supports drivers with lane keeping by actively steering the vehicle back to the lane. The system combines the lane departure warning function with the electronically controlled MAN Comfort Steering system.

From a speed of 60 km/h (37 mph), it continuously monitors the left and right lane markings using a camera behind the windscreen, thus checking whether the vehicle keeps to the lane. In this way, the lane return assist* increases active safety on monotonous stretches of motorway and helps to prevent accidents.

Actively steering back

If the vehicle shows signs of leaving the lane – without the turn indicator being activated – the system* warns the driver acoustically or haptically. In addition, he receives visual cues through illuminated markings in the 12-inch digital display. If the driver fails to react, the MAN Comfort Steering System* gently intervenes and automatically steers the coach back to the lane.

In doing so, the system* reliably takes into account possible obstacles through additional processing of radar-based data. The correcting steering torque can be overridden by the driver at all times.

* Within the limits of the system.

Safety and assistance systems