Digital Mirror Replacement System MAN OptiView

With the MAN mirror replacement system, you can now drive even more safely and efficiently. We have brought the world’s first mirror replacement system for coaches to the road for you.

Instead of the conventional exterior mirrors, a camera system is integrated in the vehicle body design on both sides of the bus. Two displays in the cockpit take on the role of the conventional rear-view mirrors. They give the driver a clear view to the side and rear of the vehicle: The mirror replacement system operates with a close-range camera and a wide-angle camera. This means that the displays can display not only the field of vision required by law, but with the wide-angle view in the lower part of the display, they also provide the driver with an all-round view of the coach. Our mirror-replacement system now allows you to drive comfortably and safely, without any blind spots, even in a coach.

The MAN mirror replacement system also has other benefits: With conventional mirrors, your view is often impaired by raindrops, soiling, or the mirrors shaking. The mirror replacement system, however, automatically filters out disruptions in the camera footage and optimises the brightness and contrast. Even when driving in low light or at night, the display image ensures a clear, glare-free view of the traffic behind.

Another benefit: The camera system takes up much less space on the vehicle body than conventional mirrors: As a result, the aerodynamics of the vehicle are considerably improved. This reduces wind noise and saves fuel. The system also minimises the risk when moving off and the risk of injuring people.

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