Turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection

Safer roads for everyone: turn assist with pedestrian detection continuously analyses the vehicle’s surroundings and alerts the driver to potential collisions. The assistance system also recognises traffic signs and notifies the driver if, for example, the vehicle is travelling faster than the speed limit.

Turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection

Benefit from an extra pair of eyes on the road! Our turn assist with active driver warning and pedestrian detection acts as an attentive passenger, identifying potential hazards and notifying the driver accordingly. Two cameras – one on the windscreen and one on the right-hand side of the vehicle – analyse traffic in front of the vehicle, recognise all traffic signs, and monitor the invisible areas in the vehicle’s blind spot.

Our camera system anticipates collision hazards

The cameras continuously scan the immediate surroundings of the vehicle and detect other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in the vehicle blind spot or directly in front of the vehicle. The assistant anticipates whether there is a collision hazard based on real-time parameters and alerts the driver accordingly.

The driver is alerted optically and acoustically via the display in the driver’s workplace. An additional LED display on the right-hand A-pillar alerts the driver to the presence of a road user in the vehicle blind spot.

In slow-moving traffic or when turning in urban traffic, this helps mitigate or prevent collisions and road accidents.

Traffic sign detection assists the driver

The camera system detects and recognises traffic signs and helps the driver by displaying them in the driver’s display. When speed limits are in place, the system warns the driver visually and acoustically when the limit is exceeded. The automatic traffic sign detection system thus makes the driver’s job easier and ensures that the road is a safer place for everyone.

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