Turn Assist

Specially developed for busy inner-city traffic: The turn assist helps drivers to maintain the overview in critical situations. Radar sensors monitor areas difficult to see and recognise weaker road users. In the event of a possible collision, a three-stage warning is triggered via LED modules on the A-pillar.

Sees much more than two eyes

Despite the highest level of attentiveness, two eyes alone are sometimes not enough to maintain a full overview in busy inner-city traffic – especially in critical situations such as turning manoeuvres. In these cases, the turn assist* offers the driver active support in recognising weaker road users such as pedestrians or cyclists. Radar sensors integrated into the right-hand side wall reliably detect objects within a radius of almost 180° on the poorly visible co-driverʼs side. If there is a risk of a collision, the system* reliably warns the driver in a three-stage cascade as soon as the speed drops below 30 km/h (19 mph).

* Within the limits of the system.

Stage 1

If there is a moving object in the warning area, a luminous LED module on the A-pillar alerts the driver to the situation, for example if weaker road users approach the blind spot.

Stage 2

If the anticipated course of movement will likely lead to a collision, further warning stages will be triggered on the A-pillar depending on the urgency. Stage 2: All three LED modules will light up.

Stage 3

If immediate driver intervention is required to prevent a collision, level 3 is activated: All three LED lights will flash, accompanied by an acoustic signal tone.

Safety and assistance systems