Living and sleeping comfort for crew and artists: The No Limites tour bus

With the converted NEOPLAN Skyliner, up to 17 people travel comfortably and relaxed from one show to the next. The tour bus for the French company No Limites offers luxurious comfort for relaxing and sleeping.

The NEOPLAN Skyliner as an exclusive tour bus for the French company No Limites.
No Limites

No Limites

Vehicle: NEOPLAN Skyliner
Intended use: Tour bus
Completion: September 2020

Dark windows and metallic grey paintwork – this NEOPLAN Skyliner is a real eye-catcher that offers maximum travel comfort at the same time.

On the lower level of the double-decker, three vis-à-vis tables invite you to sit down and enjoy relaxing team activities. The NEOPLAN Skyliner is equipped with a modern kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine to provide passengers with the appropriate catering. For the kitchen and other design elements, a wood décor cladding was chosen to create a pleasant atmosphere.

A staircase in the front section of the bus takes guests to the sleeping area on the upper deck. In addition to further seating, there are eight bunk beds at the sides and a single bed at the rear. These beds offer comfortable sleeping and resting facilities for up to 17 people. It is easy to relax in the beds thanks to LED reading lights, sockets with USB connection, a small fan and curtains separating the beds from the centre aisle. The upper deck also houses another refrigerator and the on-board toilet.

If you are looking for entertainment instead of peace and quiet, the double-decker is also the perfect choice. One PlayStation each on the upper and lower deck including the matching storage compartments, Bose sound system with subwoofer, DVBT receiver and screens will make the hearts of technology, film and music enthusiasts beat faster. Another special feature is the lighting concept: LED strips on the ceiling and floor bathe the upper and lower deck in the desired colour – from blue to a warm white.

The tour bus is based on a NEOPLAN Skyliner with a 6-cylinder Euro 6d diesel engine with 510 HP. A whole range of assistance systems, such as Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), light sensor, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Lane Guard System (LGS) with haptic warning, as well as the electronically controlled ComfortDriveSuspension (CDS) shock absorbers, ensure maximum safety on the road. This means that the special double-decker is ideally equipped for its tours throughout Europe.

The conversion in detail