Skyliner Express

Skyliner Express

Quickly and safely from city to city in the premium double-decker

  • Connect small and medium cities in a way that is cost-effective, comfortable and direct
  • Use the full double-decker capacity of up to 96 passengers plus 11 m3 for luggage
  • Offer barrier-free express bus connections including two wheelchair spaces

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Your premium express bus for today’s mobility

Public transport that ensures mobility and quality of life in metropolitan areas of cities and municipalities. The Skyliner Express is ideal for this:
it closes gaps in the network as required, quickly and without major investments for traffic infrastructure. As a route operator, you offer your passengers not only a high-speed service with the Premium Express Bus, but also comfortable travel options, and you can count on maximum efficiency at the same time.

Our double-decker express bus has a 100 km/h certification and with 510 HP engine power, you can carry up to 96 passengers and 11 m3 luggage on one trip. The Skyliner Express is also impressive thanks to its perfect design and high savings in consumption and maintenance costs. Its sophisticated, high-quality and robust interior design offers maximum comfort. Thanks to its folding ramp, the Skyliner Express is barrier-free for wheelchair users.

Space and comfort in direct scheduled transport

The Skyliner Express offers you the ideal equipment for scheduled transport, from hard-wearing seats, handrails and stop buttons to innovative concepts for a particularly efficient passenger flow. In the Express design, the Skyliner offers up to ten additional seats. Thanks to the variety of design options, you can design your Skyliner Express easily and individually, based on your own requirements and wishes.

Ample room for plenty of luggage

Ample room for plenty of luggage

When travelling in the Skyliner Express, your passengers can enjoy maximum comfort, including when it comes to storing their luggage: In our premium direct bus, we offer up to 11 m³ storage space. This gives the Skyliner Express the largest luggage compartment in the entire double-decker class.

Even loading and unloading the bus can be carried out easily and quickly: with an opening angle of 89 degrees, the luggage compartment flaps can be opened up to 2.24 meters high. Special hinges on the luggage compartment door also increase the clear width of the aisle.

Plenty of space for many passengers

Plenty of space for many passengers

The layout of the Skyliner Express is specifically designed for economy and comfort in direct scheduled traffic: with 91 seats and standing room for 5 passengers, it provides a significantly higher passenger capacity than our Skyliner coach model.

You can create barrier-free city-to-city connections with the Skyliner Express. Up to two wheelchairs can be safely secured for travel on the lower deck, and thanks to the manual folding ramp, wheelchair users can easily get on board.

Innovative stairs solution

Innovative stairs solution

Benefit from our new concept solution for passenger flow: the equipment option with positioning of the front stairs on the right in the direction of travel. Thanks to the stairs immediately next to the front access, your passengers will directly reach the upper deck quickly and comfortably. This decreases waiting times when getting on and off. Our new stairs solution is therefore ideal for use in express bus and direct scheduled traffic.

Drivers also benefit: they now have an extra 70 mm for seat adjustment and additional storage space. The central location of all electrical components to the left and behind the driver’s seat also makes it easier to maintain your Skyliner.

Premium power and technology

Reliability and efficiency are a must when it comes to connecting cities. For this reason, we have equipped the Skyliner Express with only the best and most efficient engineering and design solutions – from engine, transmission and damping technology to the optimisation of size, weight and available space.

Environmentally friendly power pack

Reliable, economical, powerful and environmentally friendly: The new MAN D26 common-rail engine does a great job behind the Skyliner Express engine compartment flap. The six-cylinder in-line engine with 375 kW (510 HP) offers an outstanding consumption-performance ratio and runs smoothly and quietly. The combination of exhaust gas recirculation EGR with the SCR filter ensures a maximum reduction of pollutant emissions. Your NEOPLAN Skyliner Express complies with the Euro 6 emission standard. At the same time, the drive system achieves particularly low fuel consumption and thus ensures excellent economy.

Technology for a smooth ride

Gliding along comfortably. Provide your passengers with a relaxing travel experience on every route. The new MAN TipMatic® coach generation of your Skyliner Express has the perfect shifting strategy for any driving situation – from taking off on inclines, slopes and curves to providing assistance in heavy traffic. The intelligent transmissions technology increases driving comfort considerably. You will also benefit from increased road safety and lower fuel consumption.

The active, electronically controlled suspension CDS (Comfort Drive Suspension) not only increases driving comfort, but also road safety. Electronically controlled dampers respond to changing loading and driving conditions at lightning speed and adjust the hardness and intensity of the damping to the new conditions in milliseconds. This means that the vehicle always stays safely on course on bends and when at full load.

Technical data

Engine MAN D2676 LOH, R6 vertical, Euro 6
Displacement 12,419 cm3
Performance 375 kW (510 HP), 2,600 Nm
Gearboxes MAN TipMatic®, automated 12-speed manually operated gearbox with EasyStart
Front axle Multi-link axle with independent wheel suspension and stabiliser
Rear axle MAN hypoid axle with four location arms
Trailing axle EHLA (electronic-hydraulic steering axle)
Luggage compartment volumes up to 11 m3
Seats Up to 91 seats and spaces for 5 standing passengers, up to 2 wheelchair spaces
Length 14,000 mm
Width 2,550 mm
Height including air-conditioning system 4,000 mm
Turning circle 23,316 mm
Wheelbase 6,700 mm/1,470 mm
Standing height in centre aisle, upper deck 1,680 mm
Standing height in centre aisle, lower deck 1,840 mm

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NEOPLAN Services

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